Wind & Sun Undone: 100% Renewables Claims Complete Fantasy


In their sillier moments, wind and sun worshippers claim that, if only fossil fuel guzzling, climate-deniers would get out of their way, nature’s ‘wonder fuels’ could provide 100% of everybody’s energy needs, now and until kingdom come.

However, in the global scheme of things, the contribution from wind and solar power barely registers, and amounts to little more than an accounting rounding error.

In short, even with massive and endless subsidies, the wind and solar ‘industries’ will always be energy ‘piss-ants’. And claims that they will one day rule the world, sound like the demented rantings of Austin Power’s nemesis, Dr Evil.

Here’s Matt Ridley crushing the nonsense that, one day, we’ll all get 100% of our power from the sun and the wind.

The green movement has broken in two: what happens next?
Matt Ridley
7 November 2017

You can always tell when there is a United Nations…

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