Are Los Angeles wildfires due to environmentalists?

Similar death toll in Victorian fires.

Green Jihad

California fire officials say that 50,000 people have been ordered to evacuate and almost 12,000 homes are threatened by up to 5 massive wildfires that broke out in Los Angeles. Since California’s drought ended last year, its possible this is the result of increased vegetation resulting from rains that helped increase vegetation.

Think of how many years went by without a natural burn. This is the result, and (worst of all) without efforts to thin vegetation or even dead wood in forests, people living in areas like that ones in Los Angeles literally become tinderboxes.

Environmentalists were blamed for the state’s wine country wildfires and, if so, it is probable their opposition to controlled burns, vegetation or forest thinning efforts. Somewhere along the line climate change will, most likely, be blamed along with increased vegetation.

Below are live updates reported by ABC News

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