The New York Times admits coal bans ruin lives, hurt poor

Green Jihad

A starting report issued by The New York Times yesterday in which The Grey Lady’s underlying premise just about admits that banning coal use ruins lives and hurts poor people the most.

The Times‘ also reveals the effects of China’s mismanagement of its anti-pollution campaign to stop the use of coal that Chinese environmentalists have also pushed for. The article’s coverage is centered in the country’s largest coal producing region located in the northern province of Shanxi. Despite potential bureaucratic shortcomings, the Chinese state undertook its effort last March and ratcheted up clamping down on coal use five months later on, admittedly, high pollution levels by enacting standards backed up with fines and other disciplinary actions that local officials undertook to appease the brass in Beijing.

Many coal stoves were removed before new furnaces were installed, leaving tens of thousands of people shivering without heat when winter’s…

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