Dershowitz on why the Hard Left is more dangerous than the Hard Right

Why Evolution Is True

Look, there’s no need for you to criticize Alan Dershowitz in the comments; I know his foibles. I’m just presenting a short comment that he made to conservative Dennis Prager about the relative dangers of the “Hard Left”—what I call the Authoritarian Left—versus the “Hard Right”. This comment is what you can address!

I do agree with Dershowitz that we should be very afraid of the increasing Authoritarian Leftism of today’s college students (and many of their professors), for they’ll be running America in the future. There are, after all, not so many conservative students. That said, of course I agree that the Trump Administration, which provides a daily dose of both sadness and amusement in its stupidity and incompetence, is far more injurious to America than any conceivable Democratic administration. And the GOP is far more odious than the Democrats. But the more the Dems embrace Authoritarian Leftism, the…

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