Young Labour Summer Camp and Parents’ Right to Know

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Heather Roy

13 March 2018

16 is a hard age – not old enough to vote or consume alcohol in public places or be sent off to war. But old enough to have their say on medical matters, get married or enter into a civil union with parental consent. For politicians writing law the difference for determining legal ages is fraught. 14, 16 and 18 are all cut-off points for a variety of areas that we all hope our children (and their parents) will never have to contend with. Levels of maturity are obviously part of the answer but the law doesn’t deal with fuzziness or niceties – it is absolute and requires definitives to be administered. The Privacy Commission, the Office of the Children’s Commissioner and Consumer all provide information on when a child’s privacy and rights over-ride the need to inform parents.

From a parental perspective the…

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