The #FakeNews War Against Dog Laboratories and For Disease

Green Jihad

Canines are wonderful creatures and have long been a staple of human existence. It has been scientifically proven that dogs and humans helped one another evolve.

However, there are times humans have had to use animals in terms of survival, and medical research is one of those instances. Sadly, dogs are a part of the animal population used for medical tests that might be considered cruel to human standards.

It has not, however, stopped critics, like PETA, from attempting to slander a Texas A&M laboratory that uses canines in its tests. The group recently conducted a phone bank using a recording by actress Lily Tomlin calling on listeners to call the unversity’s President and tell him to stop them.

Simultaneously, it is also shocking that the Christian Broadcasting Network would also publish a story slandering medical experiments used on dogs at the Veterans Administration trying to conflate or even twist…

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