For Greenpeace, Honesty is Just a Word

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SPOTLIGHT: More on Greenpeace’s peculiar definition of free speech (see previous post here).

BIG PICTURE: For the past decade, Greenpeace has publicly insisted that free speech is not absolute. Rather than regarding it as a fundamental, non-negotiatiable pillar of democracy, Greenpeace treats free speech like a bit of wire to be twisted this way and that.

Intent on squelching climate dissent, a Greenpeace website says “there’s also responsibility that goes with freedom of speech – which is based around honesty and transparency.”

What rubbish. Free speech advocacy, extending back centuries, has never placed an asterick beside this noble idea, and then proclaimed in small print: only applies if you’re being responsible, honest, and transparent. If all it takes to shut you down is someone pointing a finger and yelling ‘dishonest,’ free speech is utterly meaningless.

In legal documents, the contents of which have not been proven in court, Resolute Forest…

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