Guardian columnist calls for banning “hate speech”

Why Evolution Is True

The UK is well on its way to legalizing censorship of offensive views, either by deplatforming those whose speech is politically inconvenient, by constructing proscribed lists of speakers (Britain’s National Union of Students), or by the government simply not allowing rabble-rousers into the country to give talks. Pushing the censorship along, Nesrine Malik, a Guardian columnist of Sudanese descent, has a new article “Hate speech leads to violence. Why would liberals defend it?

Right off the bat you can ask two questions. “What does Malik define as hate speech?” and “Does hate speech really lead to violence?”

She answers neither question, but gives examples of the kind of speakers she thinks should be banned. These include Lutz Bachmann, a right-wing German nativist who was denied entry to the UK for intending to address a “free speech rally” at London’s Hyde Park—a traditional sanctuary for all speech.  She also…

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