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Heather Roy

30 March 2018

A mailbox tells you a lot about its owner. It becomes obvious when delivering mail – or in my case flyers. Mailboxes, I’ve decided, are an excellent study in human psyche and behaviour.

Mailboxes and I have history. Delivering flyers (into mailboxes obviously) is a rite of passage in politics. Those interested in a political career start off by delivering flyers for their party. It’s an exercise in humility, which is quite a good thing for those with political aspirations. The next step is progressing to door knocking and handing over the flyer in person. This sorts the sheep out from the goats and not all pass the test. Those that do can go on to have good careers in politics. There are of course the few that parachute into prime positions in political parties without experiencing this particular rite of passage. My experience is…

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