“I Don’t Think We’ve Seen The Bottom Yet”: Hillary Clinton Expands The List Of Other Responsible For Her Defeat While Her Unpopularity Continues At Record Levels


Hillary_Clinton_Testimony_to_House_Select_Committee_on_BenghaziAfter declaring that Democrats who want her to be quiet are sexist, Hillary Clinton is back on her speaking tour blaming her defeat on everyone from the James Comey, self-hating women, Russians, Bernie Sanders, and misogynists for her defeat. Everyone except herself.  Now Clinton has added “Pizzagate” to the lengthening reasons for her defeat.

Clinton continues (with Nancy Pelosi) to be the rallying cry for independents and Republicans moving into the midterm elections. Clinton has been told that she is hurting Democratic efforts to retake Congress but has refused to yield to the calls of various Democratic leaders as we discussed earlier.  In the meantime, Clinton now stands alone among former presidential candidates who have uniformly become more popular after their losses.  Clinton is the only one who has become even more unpopular.  The reason is likely her unsuccessful effort to shift the blame for her loss against the second…

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