Contrary to media claims, Great Return March is not ‘peaceful’ in practice or in spirit

Written by Aron White

Over the past weeks, there has been significant British media coverage of protests at the Gaza border. Last week, UKMW focused on how the ‘peaceful’ protests have featured violence, and amongst the dead wereknown Hamas terrorists, facts which have often been omitted from reports on the border clashes.

But there are also two crucial points that are missing in the overall framing of the story. Until now, the story has been framed almost exclusively in typical terms – Israeli oppression of Palestinian rights, and a peaceful Palestinian protest met with excessiveIsraeli force.  However, there are two key pieces of framing that are missing at the moment from media coverage.

  1. This mass Palestinian uprising has a radical ideology, implicitly calling for the end of the Jewish state.

Much focus has been given to the fact that the original organisers of the march…

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1 thought on “Contrary to media claims, Great Return March is not ‘peaceful’ in practice or in spirit

  1. nottrampis

    is this man claiming the people killed were engaged in terrorist acts? no I thought not.

    Propaganda and pretty poor propaganda at that



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