Casablanca (1942) – Top 100 of All Time

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Continuing my journey through the Top 100 Greatest American Movies of All Time (1912-1996) I watched the number 2 spot which I heard a lot about and its quality, Casablanca by Michael Curtiz. I’ve finally watched it and must say it is a lot of things I didn’t anticipate being. I knew it belonged to the romantic genre which gets any guy calling for a death wish when watching alone however, to my surprise I survived, and liked it a lot. It takes place in, like the title says, Casablanca, Morocco during WWII, a time when it was under France which itself is under the Nazi Germany occupation. It’s a refugee bus stop, a final spot for many to get to America, the safe haven. In all this we got a bar owned by the American main hero, Rick who “happens” to intervene a lot by helping…

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