Ignore the Scare-Mongering About Pesticides

Green Jihad

Every year Earth Day brings out a variety of termites and this year is no different. Lo and behold the so-called Environmental Working Group publishes its fourteenth annual Dirty Dozen list describing which products in your local supermarket’s produce aisle are allegedly contaminated by pesticides. This being done in hopes of you embracing an organic diet.

While the EWG’s pamphlet does get a decent amount of, fortunately, people seem to have noticed that the list is nothing more than pseudo-scientific fear-mongering financed by Big Organic.

For example, a professor of science and society at McGill University named Joe Schwarcz recently pointed out that the methodology used for the Dirty Dozem report is very problematic.

Schwarcz also states the EWG used research from the Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Data Program and estimated the total amount of different pesticides taken from nationwide samplings. He reveals that this is a portion of…

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