The Best Biographies of Richard Nixon

My Journey Through the Best Presidential Biographies

Five months, twelve biographies, 8,200 pages…and one insufferably inscrutable politician.

For all the differences between Nixon and LBJ, I was surprised to find that in many ways Richard Nixon was his Democratic predecessor’s Republican doppelgänger.

Both men were born into very modest circumstances, both were exceptionally driven, both possessed larger-than-life personalities and both used every possible means to amass and wield political power.

But where I found the sociable if crude Lyndon Johnson an intriguingly fascinating character, I found the awkwardly introverted Richard Nixon distressingly irreconcilable and perplexing. The more time I spent with Nixon, the more impressed I became at his political success…and depressed that he never managed to outrun his demons.

* * *

I began my campaign through Nixon’s life with nine single-volume books and I finished with Stephen Ambrose’s renowned three-volume series.

* Conrad Black’s “Richard Nixon: A Life in Full” was published…

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