Australia Enters Third World: Chaotic Delivery of Wind & Solar Forces Industrial Users Off Grid


Dictating when and if power consumers get electricity was once the preserve of communist dictatorships (think the USSR, North Korea and Cuba).

Thanks to a maniacal obsession with intermittent wind and solar, Australia now sits comfortably in the same dismal ranks.

No longer can industrial users expect to have power according to their business plans – nowadays it’s all determined by the weather.

A couple weeks ago, big industry in New South Wales got a taste of what’s been dished up for years in wind and solar ‘powered’ South Australia, when the grid manager shut off power to its Tomago aluminium smelter.

The alternative was to watch the entire grid go black, as wind and solar output collapsed across NSW on 7 and 8 June:

RE promoters desperately tried to pin the blame on NSW’s coal-fired power plants, wildly claiming that they had ‘failed’.

A number of plants weren’t delivering…

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