Weather Dependent Wind Power: Leaves Hurricane Victims Powerless


Oh, the irony.

In one breath we’re told that the climate is changing so rapidly – although, these days, most climate alarmists don’t seem prepared to lay a bet on whether things are getting hotter or colder – that carpeting the world in wind turbines and solar panels – which cultists believe will solve the ‘problem’ – is a matter of the most pressing urgency.

Then, we’re being told by the likes of Australia’s most notorious wind power outfit, Infigen that it can’t spin a dollar because of ‘poor wind conditions’; not just once, but year, after meteorologically miserable, year.

The thing about irony and its cousin, sarcasm, is its ability to make idiots look like idiots, without them realising it.

It’s this simple, really: when your power supply depends wholly upon the weather, expect it to vary entirely at the whims of Mother Nature.

Which brings us to this…

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