Animal “Rights” Hooligans Kill Chickens During Farm Raid Down Under

Green Jihad

Thirteen animal rights thieves with the NSW Hen Rescue have been charged by New South Wales police in connection with a raid they conducted on a chicken farm near Camden, Australia.

According to, the group of hoodlums stand accused of forced entry of a shed on a farm at Mowbray Road at Lakesland in which they also threatened the owner with bolt cutters. The terrorists are not only alleged to have stolen or intent to steal a domestic animal or bird but one of them was charged with assault on a police officer along with a variety of other assault offenses including using a deadly weapon.

The NSW Hen Rescue thugs initially demanded the farm owner be prosecuted and his operation shut down with one gang spokesperson claimed that horrific cruelty was being conducted and the hens given medical attention. One messy little detail the human haters didn’t…

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