The ACLU backs off defending free speech in favor of promoting social justice

Amnesty started its long decline with compromises like this on a simple mission that could attract support across the political spectrum.

Why Evolution Is True, a libertarian site, reports on a leaked memo from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that makes it pretty clear that the organization wants to ratchet back on defending free speech that is “hate speech”, i.e., speech that goes after “marginalized groups” (see below). You can discount the article if you want, but do read the leaked ACLU memo (called “confidential attorney work product) as well as Wendy Kaminer’s Wall Street Journal piece (below) and see for yourself. The pdf of the ACLU’s memo is here.

While the ACLU memo repeatedly assures its readers that the group is not giving up on defending speech considered widely offensive, it’s pretty clear to me, and to former ACLU board member Kaminer, that for the ACLU “free speech has become second among equals.” (Link below, but probably paywalled; judicious inquiry will get you a copy.)

The ACLU’s new guidelines…

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