The War of 1812 by Carl Benn (2006)

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‘Free trade and sailors’ rights’ (American rallying cry for the 1812 war)

In June 1812 the United States, under president James Madison, declared war on Great Britain. The war lasted three years and fighting took place along the America-Canada border, around the Great Lakes, off the American coast, and in the Deep South, then called West Florida, now called Louisiana.

Why? Why did America attack Britain in 1812?

I read picked up the Osprey ‘Illustrated History’ of the war of 1812 in my local library, to find out.

Osprey Publishing publish a series titled ‘Essential Histories’, short illustrated texts describing the political and especially the military aspects of wars and conflicts, ancient and modern, ranging far and wide from the wars of Ancient Israel to Russia’s offensives in Chechnya.


The reasons American politicians gave were that:

  1. Royal Navy ships had been stopping and searching American…

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