The Wisdom of Mark Textor


The following stroll down memory lane just appeared on Business Insider.  It is apparently something written 12 months ago by Mark Textor.    This is the same Mark Textor that said/wrote:

The qualitative evidence is they don’t matter,’’ Mr Textor said. “The sum of a more centrist approach outweighs any alleged marginal loss of so-called base voters.

Consider also that Mark Textor contributed to the building of the same edifice that is complained about in the following:

You work hard and do the right thing, and get no wage growth while the big end of town and politicians get tax cuts, wage increases and bonuses.

You pay your rego and taxes to build roads but still have to pay tolls to use them to get your kids to school and yourself to work while others profit.

You save up all your life and put into your super…

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