OIA to @NZTreasury on @ProfSteveKeen Rory Robertson 40% Australian housing crash bet

I have a further request for official information: for the recollections of the officials listed in the minutes as present at the interdepartmental meeting on the next steps on the Steve Keen visit as well as for Joey Au’s recollections.

Do any of the forenamed have any recollection of the bet Steve Keen lost in 2010 with Rory Robertson about a 40% crash in Australian housing prices. The loser of the bet, which was Steve Keen, had to walk from Sydney to Mount Kosciusko, a mere 200 km, wearing the T-shirt as shown below saying “I was hopelessly wrong on home prices! Ask me how”.

If any did have any recollection of that bet, what did they know and when did they know it?

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