Bootleggers and Baptists: Animal Cruelty Edition [updated]

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Unsurprisingly, pig farmers are using recent controversy in New Zealand over sow crates to argue for protection against international competition:

Blame imported pork for keeping sows in cramped stalls, say three Taranaki pig farmers.

The intensive farming practice of keeping breeding sows in stalls has been in the spotlight since TV1’s current affairs programme Sunday showed scenes filmed inside a Levin piggery.

But three of Taranaki’s 25 pig farmers say sow stalls are only one part of a very complex issue.

Taranaki District Pig Committee chairman Ted Gane said it was cheap imported pork, grown using sow stalls, that forced local farmers to use the same system to remain competitive.

“Currently 40 per cent of our meat comes from overseas and I can say that 100 per cent of that would come from sow stalls.” (…)

[Free-range Inglewood pig farmer Helen Foreman] believed without a duty or tax on imported pork…

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