More virulent anti-Semitism and calls on Palestinian state TV for getting rid of Israel

Why Evolution Is True

If you’re going to indict a country in the Middle East for being an “apartheid State”, the last one you’d say would be Israel. Palestine is far more apartheidish, though I don’t like to use a word specific for a period of South African history.  Jews can’t live in Palestine, although Muslims can live in Israel as citizens, there are of course no Jews governing Palestine, though there are Muslim Arabs in the Israeli Knesset, and the national media of Palestine constantly spews the most virulent hatred toward Jews and Israel. It’s not just criticism of the Israeli government, either, but demands for the extirpation of the country and its engulfment by Palestine.

What’s even worse is the propagandizing of Palestinian children in schools and on state media: making them from a very young age hate Israel and Jews, and turning them into potential “martyrs”. To quote the song…

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