UK Counter-Terrorism Force Assigned To Protect Butchers from Vegan Terrorists

Green Jihad

Since vegan activists in Great Britain have become more violent, the country’s counter-terrorism task force has been assigned to protect people employed with the meat industry.

The UK Daily Mail reveals that the British Poultry Council and the National Pig Association requested support from authorities after increasing threats against employees at farms and slaughterhouses from animal rights terrorists.

In recent years, vegans have been litigating in English courts seeking protections from discrimination and having their lifestyle recognized as legally protected. Sofar, they have failed since it is not the typical philosophical belief such as if one belongs to a religious organization or sect.

During May, the Daily Mail also reported that staff at a family-run butcher establishment in Kent were living in fear resulting from vegan thugs threatening to firebomb the butcher shop, with the outside of the building being covered in Animal Liberation Front graffiti.

It is good British…

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