Fatal Attraction: America’s Big Freeze Reveals Deadly Danger of Unreliable Renewables


Relying on intermittent wind and solar requires a kind of blind faith that power might be delivered when needed most, such as the Big Freeze that hit America’s Mid-west last month, and the heatwave that hit Victoria and South Australia, the month before that.

On that score, STT’s post – Minnesota Madness: Big Freeze Exposes Wind & Solar’s Deadly Flaw – Hopeless Intermittency – must have hit a nerve. It went viral, with over 40,000 hits, so far.

Faced with the truly serious threat that comes with plunging temperatures, those who might have once entertained the idea of being ‘powered’ by sunshine and breezes, are probably a whole lot less inclined to risk their lives on the chaos that comes with wind and solar.

Let it be said that reliable and affordable power saves lives. The corollary being that not having electricity as and when it’s needed, puts lives…

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