The Sound of Silence: Iowa Farmers Cherish Peace & Quiet After Judge Shuts Down Wind Turbines


Anyone claiming that wind turbines are quiet has never lived with them in their backyards. A grinding, thumping cacophony of amplitude modulated low-frequency noise and infrasound is a daily misery for far too many rural residents.

Back in December last year, we reported on a group of Iowa farmers who took on a developer and won. A judge ordered the immediate destruction of three of these things that had been driving neighbours nuts for years: Iowa Farmers Claim Brilliant Victory: Judge Orders Immediate Destruction of Illegal Wind Turbines

Now, their tormentors are gone and locals are relishing the peace and quiet. Being able to hear birds chirping and the sound of their own voices is seen as a gift. Of course, hard-working country folk shouldn’t have been forced to suffer around-the-clock, sonic torture, in the first place. A man’s home is meant to be his castle, not a torture chamber.

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