Granville Sharp

The Abolition of Slavery in London [ASL]

 All Saints Church, Fulham & Poets Corner Westminster Abbey

Granville Sharp, also known as ‘The Father of the Cause’ was one of the oldest and longest running abolitionist campaigners during the late 18th through to the early 19th century.

Sharp as one of the founding members of the Society for Effecting the Abolition of the Slave Trade was made the first chairman of the committee when it was set up in 1787, this was down to both his previous involvement with the issues of slave welfare. Not being Quaker, like 9 of the other founding members, Granville Sharp also had greater political influence in parliament as a result. Unlike a lot of other co-founding members in the society, Sharp did not just believe in abolishing the slave trade however, he felt the whole act of slavery in itself was ‘evil’ however Sharp’s contemporaries outvoted Sharp on the matter…

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