Delingpole: Greta Thunberg Could Not Be More Wrong About the Australian Bush Fires


By Paul Homewood

From Dellers:




If there’s one person doesn’t know what she’s talking about, it’s the pig-tailed Swedish school drop out St Greta. And if it’s another, it’s that former Australian fireman who is quoted, approvingly, in the article Thunberg cites from the left-leaning Sydney Morning Herald.

Of course, this season’s Australian bush fires are dramatic and upsetting: they’ve claimed at least three lives and more than 150 houses in New South Wales alone and a currently threatening parts of Sydney. Of course, various interested parties are trying to make political capital out of it – because that’s what activists do: especially the disaster vultures of the climate emergency movement.

But the evidence does not support the eco loons’ claims that these fires are uncharacteristic or historically unprecedented, let alone that man-made global warming or ‘climate change’ has anything to do with it.

As Andrew Bolt points out…

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12 thoughts on “Delingpole: Greta Thunberg Could Not Be More Wrong About the Australian Bush Fires”

  1. so the 23 ex chief of emergency services in Australia obviously have no idea of what they are talking about.

    Jim you are living on another planet.


      1. the is a definitive link between the longer bushfire seasons and climate change. They have asked for a meeting with our PM both before and after the election but have not been given one.


        1. Why was there a lack of backburning? totally related.

          As for Arson who knows until all investigations are finished/


        2. if you read then you would know the lack of backburning was due to either it was too wet or too dry and hot!!


        3. You would need to show the arsonists now are more significant than in other times.


        4. BREAKING: 12 of the NSW fires appear to have been deliberately lit!

          More #pmlive 9-11pm AEDT tonight on Sky News Australia.


        5. We I just heard the head of NSW police say that was something to do in the future but so what


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