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A mechanism for reducing welfare programme entries while increasing welfare exits is work requirements. These minimum hours can be spent working part time, in study and training, work preparation and job search assistance or volunteering. A work requirement is a screening device removes any advantage of moving on to welfare in terms of more leisure …

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In-work tax credits were introduced in many countries including New Zealand to encourage movement into employment by breadwinners. By linking a large payment with full-time and semi-full-time work, the rewards for working are increased for single parents and families. These in work tax credits combined child tax credit with an in work tax credit for the …

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Another welfare reform is a modest income threshold below which benefits are not abated. This is low for unemployment and sickness beneficiaries and higher for domestic purposes and invalid beneficiaries. The idea behind abatement-free income thresholds is to not penalise part-time work among sole mothers and encourage the unemployed and sick to return to full-time …

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Figure 1 shows that the introduction of a welfare benefit has both income and substitution effects. The welfare benefit abates at rate t so the take-home pay of workers is less than the full wage until the benefit cut out point shown by the arrow in Figure 1. After this cut-out point, no benefits are …

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The higher is the welfare benefit, the greater the probability that an individual will choose to go on welfare rather than work. Welfare dependency is the most rewarding leisure-labour trade-off for them. The higher the wage on offer to a given worker in the labour market, the greater is the probability that they will choose …

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