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50% of @PaulineHansonOz @OneNationAus votes come from @AustralianLabor voters

How can Pauline Hanson be an extreme right-winger if half of her votes come from people who 2nd preference the Australian Labour Party? This strong support for her populism has been well-known since she won the safest Labour Party seed in Queensland in the 1996 Australian Federal Election but is hardly ever mentioned by the media or her critics.


Source: Antony Green’s Election Blog: Preference Flows at the 2016 Federal Election.

It should be therefore no surprise that a lot of her views have popular support because she has support across the political spectrum. Not knowing that will means you will be not very good at combating her views which you simply do not understand where they come from.

Few of her supporters see themselves as extremists and will be insulted when you suggest they are. Listen here dummy is no way to win back votes of people who just voted for you recently.

Hanson’s support among Labour voters is increasing. Only 42% of her voters gave their 2nd preference to Labour in previous federal elections for the House of Representatives.

Who 2nd preferences @PaulineHansonOz?

Hanson draws support from across the spectrum and always has. She is not an extreme right-winger who only extreme right wing is vote for. Countering her repeal start with recognising whom she appeals to? On election night, the Liberal party commentator on the TV panel said that about 58% of One Nation preferences go to the Liberals.


Source: Antony Green’s Election Blog: Pauline Hanson and preferences.

@BernieSanders just wants to build a different type of wall to @realdonaldtrump’s


The Canadians are coming! The Canadians are buying up our land! What has @NZGreens to say about that?

Canada was the largest source of foreign investment during the period, as its pension fund bought 18 properties in a portfolio from AMP and increased its stake in Kaingaroa Forest.

Red Ed has given up on fighting climate change and introducing a carbon tax

I am starting to warm to Red Ed. His freeze on energy bills rules out any carbon tax was he cannot introduce a carbon tax while freezing energy bills.