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This is the kind of "extreme" claim you can expect to hear from Ms. @CHSommers: "Modern life is a complicated mix of burdens and advantages – for each sex." https://t.co/PCkyCboMSl 😮 Shocking! pic.twitter.com/dY5Uc1hbot — Steve Stewart-Williams (@SteveStuWill) April 1, 2019 Advertisements

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Based on today's BLS Occupational Fatality Report https://t.co/FouurernIB 92.5% of 2017 Workplace Deaths Were Men. Equal Occupational Fatality Day is May 3, 2029. Women Can Work for 11+ Years Before Female Job Deaths Equal Male Deaths Last Year @CHSommers @AsheSchow @amyalkon pic.twitter.com/L2uuRdQ9AY — Mark J. Perry (@Mark_J_Perry) December 18, 2018

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The gender gap in offending, with men far more likely to commit crimes than women, shows clear signs of being rooted in our evolutionary past. https://t.co/JfLjlqemXa pic.twitter.com/PmqhoPy6xe — Rolf Degen (@DegenRolf) December 21, 2018

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YUGE Gender Degree Gap for Veterinary Medicine. Women Outnumber Men 4-to-1 Now. Where's the Concern/Outrage About Male Underrepresentation? Anybody? Anybody? Anybody? @CHSommers @jordanbpeterson @benshapiro pic.twitter.com/BVjnCNC0ko — Mark J. Perry (@Mark_J_Perry) December 9, 2018

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On the upside, Goldin (2006) showed that women adapted rapidly over the 20th century to changing returns to working and education as compared to options outside the market. Their labour force participation and occupational choices changed rapidly into long duration professional educations and more specialised training in the 1960s and 1970s as many more women …

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Rosen (2004) suggests that the engineering market responds strongly to economic forces. The demand for engineers responds to the price of engineering services and demand shocks such as recessions and defence cuts. Supply and enrolment decisions are remarkably sensitive to career prospects in engineering. Students also appear to use some forward-looking elements to forecast demand …

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There are important drivers of occupational segregation that are not related to either discrimination or a gendered division of labour. These newer drivers are strong enough to explain most of the gender differences in tertiary education attainment. These gender differences in tertiary attainment and the drivers behind them will be important determinates of the future …

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Source: ‘Equal Pay Day for Young, Single Men’ to recognize the gender pay gap in favor of young, single, childless women – AEI | Carpe Diem Blog » AEIdeas.

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