@SeumasMilne @BernieSanders put Peter Fechter’s murder down a memory hole @jeremycorbyn @NaomiAKlein

In an otherwise sustained defence of Communist tyranny because they made the trains run on time, Seamus Milne and George Galloway do lament the restrictions on international travel and immigration from Communist dictatorships. They do mutter about perhaps something should have been done about that.

What an extraordinarily callous way to refer to the murder of East Germans at the Berlin Wall. Peter Fechter was the first to be murdered at the Berlin Wall.

Anyone who supports communism supports murder. Central to the Communist strategy of taking power is to murder their political opponents and then to maintain power through murder and torture.

Bernie Sanders too put the drowning of Cubans attempting to flee to Florida in leaky boats down the memory hole of the Left over Left.


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