About that Low Carbon Economy….

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Recently the media has been full of stories about how Canada must jump on the ‘low-carbon’ economy bandwagon or be left behind.  Eco-activists are claiming 100% renewables is possible.

Robert Lyman, energy economist of 37 years experience, has reviewed a recent EXXON report on future demand and summarizes it as follow. “Love ’em or hate ’em” this corporation is well-positioned to provide clear and accurate assessments of market realities. To make thoughtful policy decisions, it is important that we understand the reality of market demands and global growth.


Contributed by Robert Lyman @ March 2016

EXXON Corporation, one of the world’s largest energy enterprises, recently published its updated projection of energy supply and demand to 2040. The International Energy Agency, the United States Energy Information Administration, and British Petroleum have recently issued similar projections.

Projections of these kinds are interesting…

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