The Sky is Falling!

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Contributed by Robert Lyman © May 2017

In a story published two days ago in the Independent, a U.K. newsmagazine, Seth Berenstein reported on the claims of a group of scientists, including Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University, about the possible effects of the United States withdrawing from the December 2015 Paris agreement on global warming. Oppenheimer is quoted as saying that “one expert group” (unidentified) ran a worst case computer simulation of what would happen if the U.S. does not curb greenhouse gas emissions but all other countries meet their targets. It found that “America would add as much as half a degree of warming (0.3 degrees Celsius) to the globe by the end of the century.”

“Another computer simulation team put the effect of the U.S. pulling out somewhere between 0.1 and 0.2 degrees Celsius.”

Wow! As a matter of fact, the Paris Agreement contains no targets. It is a…

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