Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ liberation via sequestration

Why Evolution Is True

Today’s Jesus and Mo, called “gaze,” is especially appropriate in light of last Saturday’s debate between Asra Nomani and Hoda Katebi on the significance of the hijab. Here are the three reasons why, as fashion-blogger Katebi wrote on her blog, she wears the hijab (the niqab, remember, covers part of the face rather than the hair, but the principle is the same). The first reason is the one releveant to the cartoon, but in interests of completion I’ll give all three.

1. It’s Sexually Liberating
Haha I bet you had to read that one twice. Yes, the Hijab–contrary to popular belief–is actually worn by millions of women around the world in order to become liberated from the rampant objectification of women within society. Through wearing the Hijab, people (namely, men) are forced to look beyond superficial appearances when forming judgments about you, and must rely on this crazy thing called…

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