World Hijab Day versus Wear A Kimono Day

Why Evolution Is True

Yesterday was World Hijab Day, a recent holiday confected to celebrate (and justify) the Muslim symbol of oppression. The description in Wikipedia says this:

World Hijab Day is an annual event founded by Nazma Khan in 2013. The event takes place on February 1st each year in 140 countries worldwide. Its stated purpose is to encourage women of all religions and backgrounds to wear and experience the hijab. Event organizers describe it as an opportunity for non-Muslim women to experience the hijab.

Of course the hijab is most often worn as a garment of “modesty”, designed to prevent men from experiencing uncontrollable lust if they see a woman’s hair. That’s reprehensible because it puts the onus on the woman to prevent sexual objectification and assault, exculpating men for of responsibility for what they do in the throes of tonsorial concupiscence. Yet Muslims pretend that wearing it is not only feminist, but “empowering”. Here’s the…

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