How to use a child

The Risk-Monger

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This blog was originally published on 15 July 2013 and is part of my sporadic archive updates from the closed site. In the five years since writing this, children seem to have taken an even greater role in activist lobbying. Wayne Parent recruited his daughter, Rachel, to increase public fear on agritech (and thus sales for his Nutrition House empire), Malala won the Nobel Prize (as I had predicted) and almost every NGO has a poster-child promoting their doom and gloom campaigns (apparently our wasteful ways are destroying their future so someone has to give them a microphone).

12687820_457688507767554_310499262637220155_nNow who would I be to disagree or speak out? A Risk-Monger no doubt, and one of the worst at that! Look in the comment section at how the pro-organic supporters cheered Only Organic’s New MacDonald abuse of the innocent. But when the manipulators at Stonyfield Organic launched their…

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