Utopia, you are standing in it!

Celebrating humanity's flourishing through the spread of capitalism and the rule of law

Source: Education at a Glance 2015, section 6. Advertisements

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OK, Nordic billionaire population sizes might be small, but plenty more billionaires make their own money in neoliberal USA than in Bernie Sanders’ Utopia Source: Caroline Freund and Sarah Oliver, The Origins of the Superrich: The Billionaire Characteristics Database (2016).

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Mandatory and voluntary private social expenditure makes a big difference to the degree of social insurance in some countries but not others. The calculation of these numbers in purchasing power parity would be much more interesting. Source: OECD Income Distribution database.

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Some welfare states are much more targeted. Australia has the most targeted welfare state in terms of public social benefits paid in cash to the bottom quintile (Q1) of income earners. Source: OECD Income Distribution database.

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Ever wonder how Scandinavian countries pay for their government spending? https://t.co/GSqNeB70oC @kpomerleau pic.twitter.com/SIgU8drlQc — Tax Foundation (@taxfoundation) November 13, 2015

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Source: International House Price Database – Dallas Fed Note: The house price index series is an index constructed with nominal house price data. The real house price index is an index calculated by deflating the nominal house price series with a country’s personal consumption expenditure deflator.

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As I recall, most unemployed have been unemployed longer than 12 months in Sweden have to go on a labour market program. When they returned to unemployment after the program, the clock starts again. They are deemed to be freshly unemployed rather than adding to the previous spell with an interlude on a make work …

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New from @iealondon: Scandinavian success is not due to high taxes and welfare spending. iea.org.uk/in-the-media/p… http://t.co/QVH566KNtV— IEA (@iealondon) July 07, 2015

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