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College and post-graduate wage premium in the English speaking countries, France, S. Korea, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden


Source: Education at a Glance 2015, section 6.

Does @JulieAnneGenter know how much an electric car costs? @GreenpeaceNZ

The New Zealand Greens welcomed the possibility that Norway may ban the sale of petrol driven cars in 2025. From then on Norwegians may be only able to buy an electric car.


Source: NZ electric vehicle buyers guide.

If this Norwegian policy of banning petrol cars by 2025 was repeated in New Zealand, most New Zealanders could not afford a new car or indeed any car at all. The cheapest electric car is $55,000 new and often much more. They also still have serious, indeed crippling range anxiety as the adjacent screen snapshot shows from the New Zealand electric cars buyers guide.

These type of policies from the Greens show how impractical they are and how contemptuous they are of ordinary families having a decent lifestyle, affordable cars and cheap energy. The Greens prefer ordinary people to have to scrimp and save for expensive cars that lose value quickly and do not go very far.


@BernieSanders how did Danish, Swedish, Finnish & Norwegian billionaires make their money?

OK, Nordic billionaire population sizes might be small, but plenty more billionaires make their own money in neoliberal USA than in Bernie Sanders’ Utopia


Source: Caroline Freund and Sarah Oliver, The Origins of the Superrich: The Billionaire Characteristics Database (2016).

Public, mandatory & voluntary private social expenditure, G7, Nordics, Australia & New Zealand

Mandatory and voluntary private social expenditure makes a big difference to the degree of social insurance in some countries but not others. The calculation of these numbers in purchasing power parity would be much more interesting.


Source: OECD Income Distribution database.

% social benefits in cash by income quintile, G7, Nordics, Australia and New Zealand

Some welfare states are much more targeted. Australia has the most targeted welfare state in terms of public social benefits paid in cash to the bottom quintile (Q1) of income earners.


Source: OECD Income Distribution database.

Here’s how Scandinavian countries pay for their spending

How Scandinavian Countries Pay for Their Government Spending