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Lessons from Africa

.@linda_polman on aid in war zones @OxfamNZ @TaxpayersUnion

Polman observed the ‘crisis caravan’ of aid organizations in post-war situations. In the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide millions of people fled to neighbouring DR Congo. “The entire extremist Hutu government and army settled in those refugee camps … A lot of money went into the Hutu extremist movement who used it to gain strength and continue their genocidal struggle”.

Still more evidence of mass kidnappings of @Oxfam activists


The only charitable explanation for ODA activists not dancing in the streets to celebrate the success of capitalism in abolishing extreme poverty is mass kidnappings. Their forcible detention is the only thing stopping them celebrating, I am sure.



#TPPANoWay @oxfamNZ @GreenpeaceUSA The Effects of Globalization

62 billionaires alert: extreme poverty could have fallen so much faster?


Are @JulieAnneGenter @BjornLomborg attending the same #COP21

@oxfamnz still more mass kidnappings of #ODA & #Occupy activists

Why are they not dancing in the streets on the news today that extreme poverty has fallen below 10% of the world’s population for the first time ever.

The only possible explanation is these principled activists for the cause of the poor and oppressed not celebrating the latest achievements of capitalism and freedom is they have been kidnapped by nefarious forces.

We pray for their safe return so they can join the celebrations of The Great Fact and The Great Escape.

How did the MDGs fare?

Some of the kidnapped ODA activists have been freed and can speak out at last!


The role of the spread of capitalism and globalisation in massively reducing extreme poverty just gets a mention, begrudgingly, but it’s better than nothing From a newspaper of record of the Left over Left.


via The Guardian view on global development goals: heed the good news, but more needs to be done | Editorial | Comment is free | The Guardian.

Evidence grows of mass kidnappings of Oxfam activists – how else could they have been silenced?