Most victims want nothing to do with restorative justice conferences @sst_nz



.@PaulHuntSRights @NZHumanRights wonder around shooting their mouths off without doing any research nor even basic background checks before selfies

So @mfe_news advised @jamespeshaw that unilateral action is futile. Only global action will help.

Too late now

Empathy, John Rawls and JS Mill or why the state sector code of conduct was designed to drive empathy out of the @NZTreasury

From Decety J, Yoder KJ. Empathy and motivation for justice: Cognitive empathy and concern, but not emotional empathy, predict sensitivity to injustice for others. Soc Neurosci. 2015;11(1):1–14. doi:10.1080/17470919.2015.1029593

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