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Source: “Free Trade Agreements and the Consolidation of Democracy” (April 2014) American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics. American Economic Association.

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Source: CONVERSABLE ECONOMIST: A Fundamental Shift in the Nature of Trade Agreements

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Trade diversion occurs when preferential trading agreements cause imports to shift from low cost countries to higher cost countries. Rather than gaining tariff revenue from inexpensive imports from world markets, a country may import expensive products from member countries but not gain any tariff revenue. An example of trade diversion is when Britain closed its …

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https://twitter.com/TPPMediaMarch/status/692055631579185152 so @TPPMediaMarch @fuller_derek @occupySYDNEY @ItsOurFutureNZ didn't notice global poverty drop of 2/3rds since 1990https://t.co/mFX7F0LRMG — Jim Rose (@JimRose69872629) January 29, 2016 If George Bush had not won the 2000 presidential election, Paul Krugman would have taken over as the best communicator of economics since Milton Friedman. Instead, he became patient number no.1 of George …

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https://twitter.com/WorldBank/status/691970229811965952 The fall in extreme #poverty is the best news in the world! https://t.co/QO2XpUhoqO pic.twitter.com/jJQmy1ELvf — World Bank (@WorldBank) January 25, 2016 VIDEO: Financial protection programs help countries manage impacts of natural disasters https://t.co/fStuunDwbr #DRR pic.twitter.com/TjjpsYzCIU — World Bank (@WorldBank) January 20, 2016 Despite conflict & poverty, #Somalia's mobile sector is better than most: https://t.co/5Vtn7oIuZ8

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"Whichever way you look at it, the #TPPA is a bad deal." – @jamespeshaw https://t.co/q6otWyiua3 — Green Party NZ (@NZGreens) October 5, 2015 About 1% more GDP but higher drug prices. Source: No increased medicine costs under TPPA | Stuff.co.nz .@MSF: Patients and treatment providers in developing countries the big losers of the #TPP bit.ly/TPPconcludes …

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Joe Stiglitz occasionally gets it right such as this week when he spoke about the downside of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. As he said: The reality is that this is an agreement to manage its members’ trade and investment relations – and to do so on behalf of each country’s most powerful business lobbies. Make no mistake: …

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Originally posted on econfix:
Robert Reich talks about the Trans Pacific Partnership and its implications especially if it is signed. It would be the largest trade deal in history representing 792 million people and accounting for 40% of the world economy. Well worth a look.

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Jane Kelsey in a television interview said she opposes the reductions in sovereignty in trade agreements that result from investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions because they limit the democratic choices of future governments. If so, she must oppose environmental and labour standards in trade agreements and, more importantly, binding the hands of future governments with …

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AMAZING chart on European integration. One to pin to your office wall. Nice job by @Nic_Koenig delorsinstitut.de/2015/wp-conten… http://t.co/zZbOA29mYP— Maxime Sbaihi (@MxSba) July 24, 2015

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