Wonder if @NZComCom shared this conclusion back then about successful browser monopolization?


Is Monopoly a Justification for Government Regulation?

Queenstown airport night flights another blow to the @WLGAirport runway extension? @JordNZ

Queenstown airport has been upgraded to allow for night flights and more international flights. Yet another airport to compete for traffic with the Wellington airport and its $300 million runway extension.

Little wonder the New Zealand-based airlines see this extension is no more than gold plating of the Wellington airport where landing fees will go up to cover this over-capitalisation for little return in value. Over-capitalisation or gold plating is a common way of getting around rate of return regulation of monopolies.

Apple shouldn’t be doing this according to natural monopoly theory

This question should be asked more often about the regulation of purported natural monopolies


Yet another successful privatisation of the electricity industry