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German long term unemployment has been pretty stable albeit with an up-and-down after German unification. There is also a fall in long-term unemployment after some labour market reforms around 2005. Source: OECD StatExtract. Advertisements

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The Washington Centre for Equitable Growth recently tweeted that inequality harms growth in the USA as compared to Sweden, France, Germany and the UK. It was relying on some dodgy OECD research. .@OECD sees continued rise in growth-harming inequality, reports @PaulHannon29 on.wsj.com/1EZpq1S http://t.co/xt4heZysXT— Equitable Growth (@equitablegrowth) May 21, 2015 The Washington Centre for Equitable Growth …

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https://twitter.com/aClassicLiberal/status/623979137917689857/photo/1 @norenjr "Scandinavian Unexceptionalism #2 – Culture matters" capx.co/scandinavian-u… @NimaSanandaji @FriedrichHayek http://t.co/Me108hC6s9— Old Whig (@aClassicLiberal) July 15, 2015 Scandinavian Unexceptionalism #2 – Culture matters – @NimaSanandaji bit.ly/1V40IZC @pseudoerasmus http://t.co/RWHEFpJXkD— Old Whig (@aClassicLiberal) July 15, 2015

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Figure 1 shows stark differences between Sweden, France, Italy and the UK since 1970 in departures from trend growth rates of 1.9% in real GDP per working age person, PPP. Italy did quite OK until 2000 growing at about the trend growth rate of 1.9% after which it fell into a hole so deep that …

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Much easier to fire someone in the USA or UK than on continental Europe. Greece and Spain aren’t that bad by continental European standards for employment law protections against dismissals of individuals. Figure 1: Strictness of employment protection for individual dismissals, 2013 Source: OECD StatExtract.

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How does America's tax revenue compare to the average collected by OECD countries? bit.ly/1HTtRTg #TaxDay http://t.co/Q17jMuwtNI— The Hamilton Project (@hamiltonproj) April 15, 2015

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The writers of the Index of Economic Freedom at the Heritage foundation really loves the USA and didn’t think much of the Conservative Party – Liberal Democratic Party coalition government because labour market freedom actually fell in the UK during their administration. Bring back Tony Blair, all is forgiven. The information on their website throws no …

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Figure 1 shows large contrasts in time path of equilibrium unemployment rates. For example, French and Italian equilibrium unemployment rates haven’t changed much since about 1986. Figure 1: equilibrium unemployment rates, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Spain, 1968 – 2016 Source: OECD Economic Outlook June 2015 via OECD StatExtract.. Figure 1 also shows some fortuitous …

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Where not to invest in Europe: Greece econ.st/1TAd3CZ http://t.co/X9vtnz0uhQ— The Economist (@EconBizFin) July 15, 2015

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77% more long-term unemployed people than before the crisis – We need them back in work! bit.ly/1JTTzYm #Jobs http://t.co/EFRGclFVms— OECD Social (@OECD_Social) July 10, 2015 Hysteresis in practice, Delong-Summers Variety @delong @LHSummers http://t.co/urqxQBi6NE— Roger E. A. Farmer (@farmerrf) July 23, 2015

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